Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger, March 15, 1934

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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger, March 15, 1934


How-Martyn, Edith
Birth Control International Information Centre
Green, Susanna
Chang, Hung-Chung
Malthusian League
Rose, Florence


How-Martyn discusses Sanger's plans to travel to Europe and a meeting with Hung-Chung Chang about efforts in China.


How-Martyn, Edith


Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress




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MSP-LC 15:673


Paris, France
London, England
Calcutta, India

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Dearest Margaret,

It was delightful to find your letter upon my return and to know that you are planning for India and Russia. It was very good, too, that you yourself feel that the conference was a triumph and we are anxiously awaiting news as to the result of the Senate hearing on March 1st.

I have been reading the press cuttings of the hearing and of the conference, and cannot imagine how Congress can be so silly as not to be hurrying to pass your Bill.

It seems from your letter that you will be coming over in May. If you go direct to France do let me know as I shall cross over and meet you there unless you are coming on direct to England.

Yesterday I had a letter from Sue Green in which she says "With what pleasures I sit down to answer your most welcome letter, for I can match your good news for the cause by the best of personal news. The dreaded operation is successfully over and I am waiting in contented expectation til I have permission to use the eye and may have the glasses........... So dear I am filled with new hope and pleasure and look forward to again taking some small share in the work we have at heart......It is a very long time since I had news of M.S. and I am delighted to think she may be coming to Paris. What joy if you flew over and we met here, in my little home and I as full of courage and hope as you two! At any rate it is something to look forward to."

Isn't that good? Though even without her eyesight she was full of beans when she was over here in England.

Last Saturday I had lunch with Mr. Hung-Chun Chang, professor of sociology at Yenching University, Peiping. He has got a Rockafellar fellowship in connection with rural work but took the opportunity of being in England to find out about birth control. He is professor of a group running the b.c. clinic in Peiping. He is going to be in Russia from the middle of June to the middle of July and I held out hope to him that he would see you. He was very anxious that I should tell you that they are in contact with a really good group and that the time is ready for making a push for b.c. in China. Everyone, he says, is convinced of the need for it. Therefore he hopes that you are going to be able to help them with money again this year !!

This gives me an idea, how would it be if you could spare the time for us to go on to China from India. The best time for China is April, May and June, and from Calcutta or Colombo it is only a fortnight's journey. Would it not sound rather thrilling to announce that we were going "ROUND THE WORLD FOR BIRTH CONTROL" ? Especially as the time is very propitious, not only in China but everywhere else.

Our next job in London is, I think, to run another Malthusian ball to get some funds for the Indian work and for keeping going.

What a blow for you - Rose breaking down. It shows that a busman's holiday in her case was a very great mistake. It is wonderful that you have got through that conference without overtiring yourself and how thankful we all are for that.

The best of everything for your love from


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